Logo King of AvalonDo you always felt like ruling a kingdom of your own? Making your own rules and legislations, building an empire and all the interesting stuff that a king usually does? Fighting battles for the sake of throne? Then we have an optimum platform for you “King of Avalon Dragon Warfare”, yeah you heard it right, this game provides you intense scenarios where you have to prove yourself worthy for the leadership.

Why King of Avalon?

King of Avalon for PC
You may have been promised similarly before by many other providers, but King of Avalon is a not just a game. It is an experience in itself, it will provide you the sense of authority to rule a territory. The players will have the privilege to utilize their powers to maximize the potentials of their army. Every player would have his/her own game plan, through which they can modify their strategies and come up with a custom made army that they can lead. Every player’s tactics would formulate their unique force and ability.

The providers of King of Avalon, wish to provide a time shift to the youngsters of the modern world, by designing this game in the historic era. This game links you to the time of King Arthur and the difficulties he faced during his conquests. This game links you to his era; those battle fields, characters, army and area.


King of Avalon: King Arthur brutally lost in battle, due to his hypocrite nephew Mordred who betrayed him. Now his body is in the isle of Avalon. Only when Excalibur raises again a new king will be crowned and the kingdom will be united again. The empire is broken into cities and each part is fighting for the throne.

King of Avalon is picturized in a fantasy land England. The storyline revolves around the mission of bringing back the dignity of King Arthur and the forces. For this the gamers need to build a proper empire, smartly train greater armed forces, and master the art of skilful strategies of the battlefield before going on the battle grounds. The gamers will also need to train the magic dragon and start war against the medieval enemy. Players have the choice to join a team with other players to survive every enemy assault and increase their chances to succeed. This multiplayer feature provides the gamers with an opportunity to make combined efforts at crafting their game plan. The massive conflict between kings is about to begin, so brace yourselves for building the most powerful empire ever.

Gamers! Are you ready?

Pick your armour, treasures and weapons, intense free RT strategy game of 2019 launched in the market. Raise and train your dragon and prepare your armed forces in the single go to lift Excalibur and become King. Taste power and victory while making friends and enemies along the way. This game includes feature of chatting with co-players, gamers are able to help each other in their missions. It also allows to exchange and start conflict with players around the world in a multiplayer feature. These facilities will earn gamers likeminded friends from around the globe. This game of the global era, has all the features of the modern world but its design and set up is from the past. King Arthur’s death has left a vacant throne, which can only be taken over by the most deserving, smart, intellectual and powerful person. So prove your warrior traits in this battle field and earn the title of King of Avalon. So are you ready to get started with the epic battle to conquer the kingdom.


You and your army allies need to be well prepared and alert. Make and upgrade your armed hubs to make them as strong and defensive as you can because the competitors are utilizing their maximum potentials. Bulk up impressive armies with a war strategy that bogles the brains of other players and convinces them to form allies with you. For this not only best strategies but attentive and conscious minds will be needed. Also, keep all your senses aware, because you’re not the only one with your intentions to succeed the kingdom and it takes everything on line. This thrill of competing with real time gamers is not the conquest of physical power and capital it is about disarming the enemy through brains. The best use of resources and capital can only build your army’s physical strength.

Multiplayer kingdom teams

King of Avalon on PC
No one is a noob. Whether you’re fighting against a Barbarian captian or a king, you’ll need partner forces you can rely on “There is nothing as ‘one man army’’. This game will indulge the importance of team effort and the gamer’s subconscious. This multiplayer feature will also enable players to communicate intelligent strategies to each other. Multiplayer feature also makes this game compatible to all the popular games. But, the ability to create your own empire makes it unique amongst all conventional games.

Send a covert agent to your adversaries with your troops before taking up arms against the foe mansion. In what capacity will you train an incredible winged serpent to fight in your dream armed force?
Visit and play. Simple interpretation highlight brings a large number of players from around the globe together in this ongoing multiplayer war.
System. Research and ace armed force assault and safeguard aptitudes to guarantee you have the edge over your enchantment foes. Realize that when will generally be imperceptible and when to arrange an intrusion in this extraordinary experience.

Building, construct the establishments of an Empire sufficiently able to get by in a winged serpent fire combat area!
Experience a pragmatist ongoing interaction in each mission. Oversee and produce assets to construct your military, vanquish the kingdom and win the position of authority.

Make methodology your partner and manufacture the best armed force of all occasions in this Real Time Simulator, Be one of the legends of Avalon and become a fantasy.

How to install on PC and Mac using Bluestacks


Bluestacks logoKing of Avalon is easily availablex on Bluestack emulator. Bluestack is the mostly used emulator for installing android games on PC or MAC. Most of the latest popular android games can be found on this emulator to be installed on PC platform.

King of Avalon on PC with Bluestacks

Steps to install on your PC:

  • Download and Install the bluestack emulator from
  • When installed open the emulator and search King of Avalon.
  • Select the game icon it will redirect you to google playstore.
  • Press the install button and for the game to be installed.
  • Enjoy the game.

Download King of Avalon on Android Devices

Logo AndroidKing of Avalon is readily available on google playstore.

There are some basic requirements for running KOA on your Android device smoothly, as listed below

Requirements to Run KOA on Android Device

  • Your Android device must be running on Android 4.1 and up version
  • Your device must have 4GB of minimum RAM
  • Your device must have 150MB free space for Installation

Download King of Avalon on iOS

iOS logoThe app can be easily spotted on Apple Appstore and is totally free to download.

The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Iphone 6 and above.

King of Avalon alternatives

There are many other options other then KOA if we look into strategical gaming, which includes:

And the list goes on. If your device is highly compatible, then we can guarantee you the best real time gaming experience you can ever imagine of.

Is KOA available for other OS ?

KOA is available for android and IOS devices, for PC or MAC you have to use emulators like BlueStack in order to run on PC and MAC.

Other OS doesn’t support KOA.

  • Bag of Gold $4.99
  • Sack of Gold $9.99
  • Pouch of Gold $0.99
  • Value Deal $0.99
  • Chest of Gold $19.99
  • Wagon of Gold $99.99
  • Daily Gift Pack(mega) $4.99
  • Handcart of Gold $49.99
  • Daily Gift Pack(super) $9.99
  • Daily Gift Pack(royal) $19.99


  • Q. Is this game free of cost?
    Ans. Yes its totally free for both android and IOS users.
  • Q. Is this an online game?
    Ans. You can play both Online and Offline modes.
  • Q. Is this game available on PS4?
    Ans. NO
  • Q. Is this game multiplayer?
    Ans. Yes you can compete with the other players online.
  • Q. What is the download size?
    Ans. 278 MB
  • Q. Is this game available on windows phone?
    Ans. No
  • Q. Do I need special app permissions to run this game?
    Ans. Yes you may need to give the game access to media.
  • Q. Is this game good for children?
    Ans. Its better for children above 14 years of age because of strategies and war.
  • Q. How long is this game?
    Ans. It all depends on your skills and strategies, great warrior conquer early and that’s what this game is all about.
  • Q. Does other games in market related to same genre are better?
    Ans. This game is story based and is adventurous on every stage.
  • Q. Advantages of paid subscription?
    Ans. More gold, more advance weapons, better army, great scenarios better levels and scenes.
  • Q. Does the story line reflects the ancient times of King Arthur?
    Ans. Yes the game is deigned in a way that it portrays the golden era of King Arthur regime and all the scenes of that time.
  • Q. What is the actual download time?
    Ans. Depends on the memory size of the device, on average it takes around 5 mins to download and install.

Rating per different platforms

Android: the gaming experience varies from device to device but it works perfectly on android flagship phones.
iOS: The game works perfectly on every device of Apple having IOS 9 or upper.
PC: The game is said to be working fine but not as good as on mobile devices.


Susan Charles: I have this app on my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and I only got it because I was trying to earn credits on another game app!! But I started liking it!! Lol!! The only thing I don’t like is that it takes FOREVER to level up & stuff!! The only way to level up fast is by buying gold packs!!

Rachel Micheal: Love it. Thank you for fixing the game. Hoping the 6.7 update doesn’t bring any new bugs.

Kietha Hardwick: et another pay to win game. Don’t even bother if you don’t have bucketloads of cash to spend. The paid players will make it difficult if not impossible for you to enjoy the game the more you progress. Edit in response to developer. Your response is patently false. A player threatened on kingdom.

Thomas: Positives: Fun strategy game, meeting new people in alliances, range of different events and game modes, can be rewarding IF patient and for the first week you get extra rewards. Negatives: 100% pay-2-win, to level up quick or get better equipment you will definitely have to purchase items, at high

Amanda: I am addicted to this game and would give it five stars if the customer service and support was not so terrible. A friend who has been playing for quite some time, and is a paying player as well, cannot even log into his account and all he gets from support are automatic messages and no solution

Jeeva Sanjeev: Good game, but you can loose against big players and get destroyed in 1 day. So you will have no chance building your forces to defend yourself. you will be spending lot of money if you want to build quick enough. every kill event they will rob your resources and forces. So every 2 weeks you will be curing and building forces will will be killed on the next one.